Andy and I would like to share the following report for the member who wonder what we earn at the Manitowoc County Fair for assisting with Ticket Sales


2016  -    3,803.40

2015 -     3,833.00

2014  -    3,189.30

2013 -     3,720.40

2012 -     3,196.45


Sum -       17,742.55

Average -  3,548.51


We want to thank all who participated and want to encourage all members to please place next years dates of August 22nd, 24th and 26th already on your calendar. This will be a Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. 


Rumor has it, if you were not able to participate this year, Claire will be contacting you first be sure you have the opportunity to contribution. Remember, service above self IS  FUN!!!!!




Randy and Andy and Claire