Fellow Rotarians:

A few months ago we were approached to extend our very successful
Little Free Library project to the Afterschhool Program at Jefferson
Middle School. Our four carpenters will attend 4 or more sessions
there in December helping the students assemble 2 Library boxes using
our current methods to be placed at the school. Last week they
installed two posts toward that goal. The great pictures say it all
and stoke enthusiasm for the rest of the project.

We will be changing the process slightly for safety reasons and
effeciency. The wooden parts will be precut and predrilled. Then the
students will assemble, paint, decorate, and install with our
assistance. Our ambitious timeline before the holidays is suspect.

Another unique aspect is that the books will be selected by the
students themselves after preparing a report describing the choice and
reason. This is Cindie's idea and makes this project nationally

We should all be proud of our involvement in the Little Free Library
Project; founded by Todd Bole, a Minnestoan Rotarian of the finest

Ten Fingers Still;
Bob Cornwell